The Miracle Money Method Watch Preview

Money isn’t everything, but it is the lifeblood of our businesses and lives. In both areas, we need money to survive and thrive. But outdated accounting methods, as well as mindsets and habits that practically guarantee struggles (or even failure), can keep us from the success we are capable of having.


It’s time to change that!

Even if your situation feels overwhelming due to financial struggles, the Miracle Money Method will get you on a healthier path to regular owner’s pay, profit, peace of mind at tax time, and reduced debt - fast. Once you’ve implemented the program, you’ll start seeing the benefit and rewards from your very first deposit. There are no tricks or gimmicks, just a simple, common sense system for getting you and your business where you want to be financially – stronger, healthier, and thriving.


So, let’s get started!

37 Lessons

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Module 1: Money Mindset

Lesson 1: Love of Business

Lesson 2: Your Money Beliefs and Story

To gain a better understanding of how your money story and long-held beliefs affect your behaviors around money.

Lesson 3: Money Truths

Lesson 4: Business Accounting

In this lesson, you will gain a general uderstanding of common accounting terminology and why it is so important to have a working understanding of bookkeeping and money management.

Module 2: Time Verses Money

Lesson 1: Working Hard

Lesson 2: What's Your Time Worth?

Lesson 3: Do Less to Do More

Module 3: Understanding the Process

Lesson 1: Old vs New Accounting

Lesson 2: Understanding the Method

Lesson 3: Understanding the Results

Lesson 4: The Bank Accounts

Lesson 5: Immediate Results

Module 4: Accounting Software

Lesson 1: Celebrate

Lesson 2: Accounting Software

Lesson 3: Setting Up Accounts

Lesson 4: Transfer Overview

Lesson 5: Method Questions

Module 5: Get Ready, Set, Go

Lesson 1: Business Analysis Review

Lesson 2: Setting Targets & Goals

Lesson 3: Where To Start

Lesson 4: Get Ready To Transfer

Module 6: Disbursements

Lesson 1: Calculate Your Transfers

Lesson 2: Moving the Money

Lesson 3: Quarterly Adjustments

Module 6 Q & A

Module 7: Debt Destruction

Lesson 1: Debt vs Wealth

Lesson 2: Money Review

Lesson 3: Expense Review

Lesson 4: Debt Destroyer

Lesson 5: Budget

Module 8: Struggles & Challenges

Lesson 1: Taking Control

Lesson 2: Clients

Lesson 3: Products & Services

Module 9: Continuing the Process

Lesson 1: Continuing the Process

Lesson 2: Make It Personal

Lesson 3: Accountability

Lesson 4: Graduation